Corrimal Probus Club Speakers

  • Member Peter Gibbs – “The Snowy Hydro from start to 2.0”
  • Dr Darren Koppel – A young Scientist who spent a few months in Antarctica at Casey Station
  • Member Judy Gibbs – The 25 Australians I dislike the Most
  • George Coward – Reflections on the Good Old Days
  • Mission Australia
  • Margaret Standaloft – The Story of Anthony Hordens
  • Max Davies talk on Short Movies on
    • Robertson Potatoes
    • Junee’s Cherries
    • Dark Forest’s Apples.
  • Members of the newly formed ‘I Click Clan’ photography group, Kevin Latta, Jane Fleming and Lydia Schranz gave a presentation of photos of Vienna together with snippets of history.
  • Australian National Maritime Museum speaker Gillian Lewis who provided a very interesting and excellent historical presentation of the Bark Endeavour.
  • Member Peter Gibbs provided a very interesting and excellent historical presentation of Sir Wilmot Hudson Fysh, KBE, DFC who was an Australian aviator and businessman. A founder of the Australian airline company Qantas, Fysh flew the first flight in Australia with a paying passenger.
  • Illawarra Retirement Trust – Rachel and Cathy from IRT who gave an informative talk on various products offered by the IRT
  • Member Lydia’s Story
  • Nyla Collins from Arcadians – the custodian of the costume wardrobe provided an excellent talk together with a selection of show outfits for display
  • Member Bruce Allan – presentation of his cruise through the North West Passage where they closely retraced the North West Passage route as discovered by Roald Amundson on the ship also named Roald Amundson
  • Colin Burgess – with his very impressive space travel presentation

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